Best WhatsApp And Fb Status in Hindi

Follow Me.. But Don’t Copy Paste. 
Aapka Saath he Hamara Status Hai. 
My Best Feature! My Nature 
The definition of a beautiful girl is one who loves me 🙂 
Stop Uploading Status and Download me in your Mind. 
When someone doesn’t respect your presence, Feel Free to Walk Away. 
Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days. 
Engineer by profession lover by mood. 
Iss Nawaab ka Status Samajne k liye, Aapke Khawaab Bade Hone Chahiye. 
Hai Dam toh rakh apni EGO kam. 
Akela aaya tha akela he jaauga, Aaj Haara hu ek na ek din jeet ke Dikhauga. 
Trying to Achieve Status. 
Boss mode Activated. 
Handle with care coz i am rare. 
Koi waha tak Maaf karta hai, Jaha tak woh Pyaar karta hai. 
Life is an unsolved puzzle and i love it. 
Woh Pagal hai, aur Mai uska Pagalpan. 
My Silence is not Weakness, But The beginning of my Revenge. 
Jisper लोग haste हैं , wahi इतिहास rachte हैं …!!! 
i Don’t want to fall in love,I want to fly in love 
I’m your moon Can you be my star. 
Smile at ur worst n show d world 
Rehne de tu nahi samjhegi. 
I Am R!CH…. BcoZ I Have MOM & DAD 
तु है करीब तो डरना क्या । और ना हो तो जिना क्या । 
First love never died it’s hidden in corner of heart 
Rishte dil se nibhao to safai na deni pade 
whatever u do,give ur 100% in that work. 
I’m not forever alone… I’m forever available ; ) 
Let’s play status game.. 

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